After one and a half years of intensive work, I’m very pleased to announce that my book Paper Cut is now out!

The book explores the contemporary world of paper art and illustration, delving into the working lives of twenty-five of the world’s leading papercraft artists. Through in-depth interviews and rarely published behind-the-scenes imagery, Paper Cut gives a unique perspective into this burgeoning field of illustration. For this book I was lucky enough to have control over all the aspects, including the artist selection, interviews and cover artwork. The design was created in collaboration with Chris Clarke, and the text was proof-read and edited by Nick Redgrove. I also created a bespoke hand-cut typeface which was used for all of the artist’s titles.

The book is available now from the Rockport website.

I’ve recently been working on a series of experimental personal pieces cutting up printed photographic textures to create a set of multi-layered artworks. The series were inspired by alchemy and occult sciences focusing on the 3 stages of the Magnum Opus.